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High range radio links for drone application

Specific design for USV drone application :

      – 5.8 GHz : because low mast heights available, use of high ISM frequency carriers for an attenuation of Fresnel’ ellipsoid lobe impact

      – H & V polarizations :  due to pitch and roll drone mouvements and very specific HF waves transmisions behavior at sea, use of horitonal and vertical polarizations mode with the same duplicated signal (1 * 2 MIMO)

      – PIRE = 49 dBi to reach transmissions up to 10 NM radio range

            – Electric gain of 36dBm (4W) : high gain increase of standard radio signals via dedicated packaging for rugged applications

            – Antennas gain of 13 dBi : implementation of high performance antennas for sea application   

      – Short and long range base radio : addition of a standard 27 dBm gain base station on the back deck roof of the supply boat to allow communications in close condition (towing operation ou couple mooring). Indeed, the very tight directivity of the long-distance antennas requires a minimum communication distance of 100 m between the support boat and the drones. The system switch automatically between short and long range radio links

      – RS serial link over UHF for control & command backup 

   Customer : Sea Proven