Value creation for the naval industry, operations and sea trials and industrial work.
Orion Naval Solutions assists your innovative projects from conception to development offshore.

Naval engineering

We carry out management assistance and consulting, industrialization studies & realization of demonstrators, internally or in support of customers work and in the following technical fields:

  • Marine Electronics and Automation.
  • Radio & Telecom.
  • Hybride or Full Electric Propulsion with Lithium-ion batteries and H2 fuel cells sources

Our regulatory knowledge, our solid technical culture and technological watch, allows us to assist our customers in their innovative projects.

The founding members of Orion Naval Solutions has participated to the development of several programs of Naval Drones and mastering technological aspects.

Operation and sea trials

For our customers we enforce: 

  • Study and realization of specific tools 
  •  Rigging the appropriate nautical and human means 
  • The entire Prime contracting of operations of sea trials:
    •  Awareness of legislatives constraints occupational safety 
    • Contratualization and/or supervision of a third party, before and during the operation
    •  Reports writing and provision of media support at the end of each sequence.

Industrial work 

In-house and/or with our corporate network, we can achieve: 

  •  Studies and realizations new or retrofit works
  •  Interventions to upkeep Operational conditions 

The support trade for those interventions are the following: 

  • IT and Instrumentation 
  •  Radio & Telecom
  •  Wiring and electric security control 
  •  Mechanic  
  • Hydraulic

French authorized reseler by JRC Alphatron Marine for Proline and Inland waters products range

Orion Naval Solutions also distributes and integrates many other brands as :

Ku VSat with flat antenna by KYMETA


Orion Naval Solutions is proud to sponsor Hydrogadz

This studiants association of the Art & Métiers scool of Aix-en-Provence, invested in the development of an electric ship powered by a hydrogen fuel cell since 2018.

Orion Naval Solutions joined the list of top sponsors with great enthusiasm after discovering the global project quality and specifically, that of the teams of students, professors and industrialists mobilized and focused on the Hydrogadz‘ project :)

The contribution to the improvement of the ship’s performance by Orion Naval Solutions, takes place at several levels :

    • Technical coatching throughout the preparation phase
    • Supply and loan of IP and voice radio equipment
    • Provision of a support boat for the sea trials in Toulon area


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Mechanical design & realization

Naval architecture

Operations & nautical means

Orion Naval Solutions is a member of the following organizations :

Development assistance for maritime and coastal economy

French Association for Electrical Boat