Study and realization of a multi-influences

Study and realization of a magnetic, electric and acoustic multi-influences baseline,

based on an Hobbie cat 16 and towed by a cord with light vessel.

The reference platform posses:

      – Two magnetic coil of 200 & 1200 VA with their own stabilized power supply

      – Two GPS antennas

      – An acoustic transponder or an electric transponder, upon request.

      – A reversed articulate pantograph, allowing to wet the electric or acoustic transponder 3m deep and manually deployed in the area.

The light towing vessel host:

      – A trajectography suitcase, it own power supply 24 VDC de 100 Ah and the communications antenna with the control room ashore.

      – A power supply 230 VAC DE 200 Ah which supply via an umbilical towing, the energy source on the reference platform.

Subcontrating system:

ECA Robotics for Pipady’s installations- DGA/TN in Toulon’s little bay

First towing at 35m in Toulon's little bay


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